Powering the Emergence of 5G and the Evolution of Broadband

The ways we connect to the world around us are rapidly changing. 5G and Broadband technologies are already revolutionizing communications as we know it, and in the very near future, how our smart devices wirelessly communicate with each other will be drastically different. And what’s quietly powering and enabling this evolution in data and communications are pioneering cable technologies from Superior Essex.

The Impacts of 5G Technology

Though many are already familiar with broadband, 4G and its wireless predecessors, 5G service is a huge leap forward in communications technology and connectivity as compared to its previous iterations. That’s because it offers 10x faster connections and far lower latency than today’s advanced LTE networks have ever been able to provide. As a result, the promise of 5G includes smarter homes and buildings, self-driving cars, instant movie streaming, cloud gaming, augmented and virtual reality and so much more.

Wireless service providers across the world are already launching their 5G networks, rolling out in select cities throughout the United States and steadily expanding coverage. But for 5G to truly work, every device must remain in constant communication with each other, something that can only be accomplished by having a mesh of service – a blanket of connectivity – overlain across an entire neighborhood, city, region and country.

The Cables That Keep Us Connected

As wireless devices and information become ever more popular, in demand and required in our lives, 5G networks will require ever more wireless transmission and access points to keep up. And every single one of the millions of nodes in the network – both within buildings and outside of them – requires both power and data to keep running smoothly and communicating consistently. Predicting this current and future need, Superior Essex has designed and manufactured multiple OSP Hybrid cabling solutions for numerous applications, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

By simultaneously providing both DC power (via copper) and data (via optical fiber), this family of cables addresses multiple provider and capacity requirements, making it the optimal choice for Macro Cell sites deploying remote radio heads for broadband, 4G LTE and 5G technologies, providing high-bandwidth, low-latency, fast data rates alongside an immunity to electromagnetic interference.

Cities connected with lines on a blue globe.

Throughout this tremendous and rapid growth in connectivity that is soon to enhance all our lives and communications, 4G and 5G will continue to coexist – and our hybrid cables can support them all.

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