Category 6A Cables

Industry-best alien crosstalk prevention with elite sustainability credentials for future-ready networks.


Category 6A Cables for All Applications

Category 6A copper cables enable cutting-edge communications devices and networks but not all cables can enable applications of the future. Superior Essex is innovating future-proof communications cables to build robust networks today and tomorrow.

10Gain® XP+ Category 6A
10Gain® Category 6A
10Gain® XP+ Category 6A Indoor/Outdoor
10Gain® Category 6A U/FTP

Designed for the Future of Communications Networks​

Our 10Gain XP+ and 10Gain cables do more than just interconnect your building’s network, they enable you to achieve energy reduction and sustainability goals. With elite performance and unmatched sustainability credentials, these cables are connecting us to the future of communications.

Best-in-Class Alien Crosstalk Prevention

We are pushing the expectations for alien crosstalk prevention in our new Cat 6A 10Gain XP+ cable. These cables have +15 decibel headroom — well above the industry standard — thanks to a proprietarily designed wrap that insulates the cable from external signals.

Communications Cables Manufactured for Sustainability

Innovating for tomorrow means manufacturing with sustainability in mind every step of the way. These Cat 6A copper cables are produced in our Zero Waste to Landfill facility in Hoisington, Kansas, which reduces harm to the environment close by. Plus, our Cat 6A cables are made with responsibly sourced copper, thanks to our partnership with The Copper Mark.

Because of these measures, our 10Gain® XP and 10Gain® Cat 6A cables hold Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations, which contribute toward LEED and WELL certifications. We believe that technology that interconnects the world should also respect it.

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10Gain® XP+ Category 6A


10Gain® Category 6A
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