I notice that Superior Essex lists band marking, longitudinal striping, and ColorTip Identification as different methods for positively identifying pair conductors. But, how are these features different?

February 4, 2020

Band marking, longitudinal striping and Super Essex ColorTip Identification are all methods by which the conductors making up a pair may be positively identified.

Band marking consists of banding each insulated conductor with the color of the mating conductor. (In the blue/white pair, the blue conductor would have white bands and the white conductor would have blue bands.)

Longitudinal Striping consists of striping the length of the tip conductor with the color of its mating conductor. (In a blue/white pair, the white conductor would have a blue stripe.)

ColorTip is a unique method of pair identification where the pair colors are identified by using a primary color, matched with a pastel shade. (In the blue/white pair, the pairs are distinguished by bright blue matched with a pastel blue shade.) One advantage of this method is the ability to maintain pair integrity in low light environments.

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