What is the color-coding scheme used to facilitate individual fiber identification?

February 4, 2020

All fibers used in Superior Essex cables are color coded to facilitate individual identification. Unless otherwise specified, all cables employ the standard industry color code system in accordance with the Munsell color shades. Per EIA/TIA-598, Color Coding of Fiber Optic Cables, the individual fiber colors are listed below

  1. Blue (BL)
  2. Orange (OR)
  3. Green (GR)
  4. Brown (BR)
  5. Slate (SL)
  6. White (WH) 7 Red (RD)
  7. Black (BK)
  8. Yellow (YL)
  9. Violet (VI)
  10. Rose (RS)
  11. Aqua (AQ)

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