What is the maximum pulling tension and minimum bending radius of outside plant cables?

February 4, 2020

Cable tensile load ratings, also called cable pulling tensions or pulling forces, are specified under short term and long term conditions. The short-term condition represents a cable during installation and it is not recommended that this tension be exceeded. The long-term condition represents an installed cable subjected to a permanent load for the life of the cable. Superior Essex’s loose tube cable designs have a short term (during installation) tensile rating of 600 pounds (2700 N) and a long term (post installation) tensile rating of 200 pounds (890 N).

The minimum bending radius of a fiber optic cable is typically determined by the outside diameter of the cable. Because of this, the minimum bending radius will vary for different cable designs and fiber counts. Observe the following limits when determining the minimum bending radius:

The Minimum Bending Radius must be… Pulled under tension (short term) Twenty times the cable diameter Pulled not under tension (long term) Ten times the cable diameter.

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