What type of bonding clamps are typically used for grounding Superior Essex OSP cables?

February 4, 2020

The standard alligator-type bonding clamps are commonly referred to as cable bonding and grounding connectors or shield bond connectors. Throughout much of the telephone industry they are also called “B Bond Clamps” and are found in sizes 1, 2, or 3. They may be used for grounding both aerial and underground OSP cables and the clamp size is determined by the cable diameter. When selecting a shield bond connector the type of shield must be taken into consideration. There are three shield configurations currently being deployed.

Type one addresses the bare shield (aluminum, bronze, etc.) which is easily separated from the jacketing. With bare shield tapes, the shield bond connector attaches directly to the shielding without involvement of the jacket.

Type two addresses the coated shield which does not bond to the jacket. Designs which utilize coated shield tapes which do not bond to the jacket can be treated in a manner identical to the bare shield with one important consideration – the bond connector must have “prongs” which penetrate the coating and make contact with the underlying shield material.

Type three addresses the coated shield which “bonds” to the jacket. Designs which utilize coated shield tapes which “bond” to the jacket require a clamp which makes a sandwich of the jacket and coated shield. Clamps used for this design require prongs which penetrate the coating and attach securely. For these designs, there is no need to separate the shield from the jacket.

Manufacturers of these clamps include 3M, Electric Motion, Preformed Line Products and ABB Installation Products (formerly Thomas and Betts), and most if not all can be used in all three of the circumstances described above. The clamps are available from your cable distributor.

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