Push the Frontier of Your Premises with PowerWise

November 30, 2021

Building technologies are growing smarter, more adaptable, and more unified every day. Your communications network needs to meet their demands, and that requires cabling that is just as efficient and versatile. They need Power-over-Ethernet to transmit data and power in one cable.

Our PowerWise® family of products are smart, sustainable, and can take your network to places it has never been—literally. These cables provide guaranteed power and reliable data over longer distances, meaning you can connect remote devices that reach beyond the normal range. Now, you can use one cable for hundreds of applications.

We sustainably manufacture 1G and 10G PPoE and Fiber cables that deliver power and data beyond 100 meters. In fact, our 1G PPoE cables have been tested for up to 160 meters for 1 Gbps at ambient temperature (performance depends on application and installation).

Cables to Interconnect Everything

PowerWise cables can reach remote applications that need both data and power. With a copper or fiber option available, you can make a seamless transition from your premises cable to connect remote devices. Now, you can connect security cameras, smart lights, climate control devices, and other intelligent building technologies to your network.

The PoE cables allow your devices to communicate on the same network. You can optimize device performance, reduce your operating costs, and enhance energy efficiency. On top of those benefits, these cables increase the interoperability of your network devices and make it easier to manage them together. Instead of having to walk to locations around your building to turn off internal and external lights, PowerWise cables enable you to control them from one place.

But a PowerWise-interconnected network goes beyond devices that talk together, it improves the experience of those who use the building. Your applications can work together to customize how your space looks and feels, and create a more productive, pleasing environment for you and your occupants. Altogether, it makes your built environment more enjoyable for everyone.

Guaranteed Performance at Maximum Distances

When powering remote devices, you need confidence the cable will be able to transmit the power and data they need to operate effectively. PowerWise 1G PPoE and 10G PPoE cables have SIB 1G and 10G UL Verification, meaning they have been third-party tested for performance up to 160 meters (for 1 Gbps speed at ambient temperature). These copper communications cables will keep your devices running and connected to your network.

PowerWise Fiber goes even farther. This cable is designed for premises applications where either the distance or the power requirements of the end device exceed what PoE can reach or supply. It has two copper conductors and is bend resistant, giving it exceptional power and durability. Your far-away devices won’t be left out in the cold thanks to PowerWise Fiber.  You’ll be able to interlock your remote applications with your premises applications to build a totally connected network and enable the future of sustainable intelligent buildings.


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