Superior Essex Lights Up BICSI 2017 with IoT Solutions

January 20, 2017

Recent advances in communications technologies and the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) have allowed end-users to rethink the way they control, light, and live in their environments. Increasingly, building systems, services and devices are interconnected over local and global networks, allowing end-users to tailor their environments to meet their specific needs, whether it’s optimizing an office space for productivity, boosting energy efficiency in a building, or providing internet access throughout an entire campus. At the 2017 BICSI Winter Conference and Exhibition, the premier event for cabling technologies and solutions, Superior Essex will shed some light on these emerging IoT technologies at booth #845, giving attendees a glimpse at the future of intelligent building environments.

BICSI is the worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals, whose mission is to provide information, education and knowledge assessment for individuals in the information and communications technology (ICT) community. Its biannual conferences bring together world leaders in ICT solutions, as well as thousands of designers, installers, and professionals from the ICT community, to showcase the latest in communications technologies.

This year, Superior Essex is exhibiting at BICSI Winter Conference with other members of the Digital Ceiling Partner community including Legrand and Platformatics. Together, they will be showcasing a variety of applications of the Digital Ceiling Framework such as intelligent lighting, HVAC and security systems. The Digital Ceiling is where different building networks such as light, air, physical security and more are combined onto a single IP network, making building systems easier to manage, and allowing for more control of your building environment, improving productivity, safety, and overall occupant experience.

All of the Digital Ceiling applications at BICSI Winter will run on PowerWise® 4-pair Power-over-Ethernet (4PPoE) cables from Superior Essex. PowerWise 4PPoE cables were developed to support a broad range of PoE applications within the Digital Ceiling, especially those that require high power and data throughput such as intelligent LEDs. Additionally, with 97% energy efficiency at 50 Watts over a 50 meter cable run, PowerWise 4PPoE cables expand the energy-savings potential provided by intelligent LED lighting and other Digital Ceiling solutions.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of these technological innovations, and to stand among this group of innovators that make up the Digital Ceiling partner community,” says Will Bryan, Vice President of Technology and Market Development at Superior Essex.

Platformatics, a leading designer and supplier of intelligent lighting solutions, is one of several Digital Ceiling partners who will be exhibiting with Superior Essex at booth #845. “The biggest news in PoE lighting this year is maintained light—a type of emergency lighting application—which we will be highlighting at BICSI as a part of the Digital Ceiling Framework,” says Matt Laherty, CEO of Platformatics. “This technology offers numerous benefits for the end-user, especially when it comes to predictive analytics, automated testing, occupant health and safety, and ease of use.”

BICSI Winter Conference and Exhibition will be held at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida, January 22-26, 2017. For more information about exhibitioners, speakers, and locations at BICSI Winter, visit the website.

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Will Bryan, Vice President of Technology and Market Development


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