Power-over-Ethernet Cable Solutions

Our environments are smarter, more adaptive and more unified than ever before, and require cabling that is just as efficient and versatile. To meet these demands, Superior Essex developed PowerWise, the leading-edge Power-over-Ethernet cable suit designed to help you optimize, customize, and unify your enterprise space.

PowerWise™ 1 Gigabit 4PPoE

PowerWise 1 Gigabit 4-pair Power-over-Ethernet (4PPoE) cable gives you the power to take control of your environment. Capable of transmitting 60 Watts of power with 97% power efficiency while supporting 1 Gigabit data transmission, PowerWise 1 Gigabit 4PPoE is uniquely designed to support a variety of Power-over-Ethernet applications. Manufactured sustainably in a Zero Waste to Landfill facility, PowerWise 1 Gigabit 4PPoE ensures that your cable network has limited environmental impact over the course of its life cycle.

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PowerWise Fiber

PowerWise Fiber takes Power-over-Ethernet beyond its limits. Designed with two 16 AWG copper conductors and two bend-resistant single mode optical fibers, PowerWise Fiber supports the high power and data transmission speeds you need to extend Power-over-Ethernet throughout your enterprise space, at lengths beyond 100 meters. Rugged yet easy to handle, PowerWise Fiber is easy to install and provides optimal performance over the course of its life cycle.

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PowerWise Indoor/Outdoor 1G 4PPoE

Take Power-over-Ethernet beyond the premises with PowerWise Indoor/Outdoor CMR/CMX 1G 4PPoE cables. Specifically designed for environments where building systems span between indoor and outdoor spaces, PowerWise Indoor/Outdoor 1G 4PPoE lets you connect your entire space with PoE cabling infrastructure, from external building security and access controls in parking decks to outdoor WiFi networks that connect entire campuses. Rugged and weather resistant, these cables are equipped to handle the harshest environmental conditions while maintaining industry-leading performance and energy-efficiency.

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What is

Power-over-Ethernet is the cabling technology that defines the digital era. By transmitting power and data over a single Ethernet cable, PoE gives you the power to optimize, customize and connect your environment in order to meet the unique demands of your enterprise.

Why is Power-over-Ethernet
in demand?

Power-over-Ethernet gives you what you need to get what you want: a converged power and data network that allows you to create an efficient, dynamic environment that's customizable and easy to manage.


Make your space the way you like it. By combining building systems onto a single network, you have control of how your building systems operate and how space looks and feels, so that you can create a more productive, pleasing environment for you and your tenants.


Save time. Save money. Save resources. With up to 97% energy efficiency, you save money by reducing power loss and overall energy consumption. Because all your power and data is transmitted over a single cable, you no longer need those extra power cables or the integrators to install them, making your installations faster and less costly.


Power-over-Ethernet brings all of your devices and systems together on a single network, boosting operational efficiency, security and interoperability of your networked devices, and making it simpler and easier to manage your space.

Where is

Everywhere! From enterprises and educational facilities to hotels and hospitals, the benefits of PoE span a variety of industries and applications.

uptake in VoIP
access controls
WiFi access points

*Estimated uptake of PoE by product type. BSRIA (2015). Convergence and Big Data: the Impact on Structured Cabling.

The Digital Ceiling

The Digital Ceiling Framework combines building systems such as light, air, and security onto a single IP network, boosting efficiency, safety and productivity, and improving occupant experience. As a member of the Digital Ceiling Partner Community, Superior Essex seeks to enhance network capabilities, performance and management in the Digital Ceiling. The Digital Ceiling Partner Community unites hardware and software vendors to deliver integrated Digital Ceiling solutions.

Who is using

With an increasing range of applications and benefits, technology providers worldwide are partnering together to deliver integrated Power-over-Ethernet solutions. Check out our partners below to discover how they each fit into the larger picture of Power-over-Ethernet solutions.

Where can I see
PowerWise in action?

Visit us and our partners at any of these events to get an up-close look at PowerWise Power-over-Ethernet in action.

Where can I learn more
about Power-over-Ethernet?

Right here! Just click on the links below for training, marketing and sales resources, articles and more.

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