Raul's Human Story

In March 2019, our Brownwood plant was desperately waiting on a delayed shipment of gel filling material. This material must be heated during shipping in order to pump it into our on-site holding silo. Raul was about to leave after his day shift ended when he noticed the tank truck schedule to arrive the next morning was rolling through the facility entrance.

Raul knew that if he left as scheduled, the shipment would sit overnight and the gel would cool and be unpumpable. Instead of clocking out, he made sure the gel was pumped from the truck to the silo. Raul’s quick action avoided an even longer delay.

If he had not recognized that this truck was arriving earlier than planned, we would have shut down production and customer orders would have been delayed. – Tony Hewitt

Raul Arreloa, Receiving Clerk, Brownwood

Why Raul’s Humanity Matters

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