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Connecting Communities, Empowering Lives

Bridging the Digital Divide

At Superior Essex, we are dedicated to improving connectivity and bringing reliable and affordable internet access to rural, underserved, and suburban areas. With our vast range of communication cable products, including OSP Fiber, Drop Fiber, and Hybrid Cables, we are proud to be part of the "Broadband for America" initiative.

Explore our website to learn more about our cable technology and how it can enhance connectivity in your community.

Broadband Solutions

Increased Connectivity
Improved Digital Literacy
Broadband Infrastructure
Affordable, Equitable Access

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Please fill out the following form to Your gateway to BEAD Grant funding. Access open, closed, and state distributions, and explore $42.45 billion allocated for high-speed internet expansion nationwide.

Superior Essex Communications:
Driving Build America, Buy America Compliance

With over 90 years of experience, we are a respected and industry-leading innovator in cable and wire manufacturing. Our commitment to sustainability is evident through our 9 years of zero waste to landfill and incorporating green building practices.

As the first manufacturer to achieve Red List Free certification, our 5,000+ cabling products are designed to support your built space, guaranteeing high-speed internet and 5G service for nationwide broadband buildouts.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, partnering with us ensures sustainable growth, job creation, and compliance with Buy America, Build America initiatives. 

BABA Compliance Letter

Our Facilities

Superior Essex Communications: Your Ideal Partner for Buy America, Build America