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Connecting the Future of Smart and Sustainable Communications Everywhere You Live and Work


MissionNext is an overarching vision of Superior Essex Communications with the aim to evolve our organization for the benefit of current and future employees, and the world at large. The vision statement for MissionNext,“ Connecting the Future of Smart and Sustainable Communications Everywhere You Live and Work,” epitomizes our principal goal and will be the driving call to action across the entirety of Superior Essex Communications.

Our Values

The MissionNext program stands on the pillars of four fundamental core values: Integrated Solutions, Sustainable Innovation, Expansive Technologies, and Empowered Communities. In alignment with each value, we have developed specific goals, metrics, and action plans to guide our journey. These will serve as both a mechanism of accountability for our stakeholders, employees, and communities, ensuring we uphold our commitments, as well as a strategic pathway that will guide Superior Essex Communications into the future.

The Committee

To guide this program, we created the MissionNext Committee. Comprising diverse leaders from Superior Essex Communications, this team fosters inclusivity and collaboration to maximize our collective potential. Within the committee, volunteers from all divisions can share ideas, set goals, and access resources to innovatively address challenges. This team is pivotal in executing the action plans tied to our core values, ensuring the success of the MissionNext program.

MissionNext Reports

During our ongoing journey towards making our operations and products more sustainable we have come across many valuable insights. Eager to drive industry-wide progress, we are proud to openly share our learnings, hoping to inspire and enable others to make sustainable choices and further our collective environmental impact.

2023 MissionNext Report
2022 MissionNext Report

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