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Sustainability in Action

What we have achieved, what we have learned, and where we are going

Deciding to Do Better

In 2008 staff at our Hoisington, Kansas plant acknowledged their environmental impact and decided there must be a better way. Under the guidance of Superior Essex Communications and the proactive leadership of the company's president, Brad Johnson, and driven by a legacy of over 90 years of innovation, they secured a pioneering Zero Waste to Landfill certification in 2014. They have consistently maintained this status ever since and set the stage for numerous industry firsts to follow.

Resources for the Next Generation

Superior Essex Communications, with a nod to the past and an eye on the future, ardently champions conservation. Drawing inspiration from the values of stewardship held by our forebears, we place conservation at the heart of our sustainability initiatives. By honoring age-old traditions of resource preservation and intertwining them with modern sustainability practices, we ensure that future generations inherit a world as bountiful as the one we dearly remember.

Real Progress, Real Impact

We are actively working to minimize our operational impacts on the environment. Prioritizing sustainability, we've implemented energy-efficient practices, reduced water consumption, eliminated waste, and incorporated recycled materials into our products. By obtaining environmental certifications and setting ambitious sustainability goals, we hold ourselves accountable to make meaningful progress. These efforts all reflect how when you are committed to a more sustainable future, industries of all types can push technological advancement while emphasizing environmental responsibility.