Broadband for Everyone

In this digital age, high-speed internet access is more crucial than ever. Superior Essex and BEAD seeks to bridge the digital divide by bringing reliable internet connectivity to rural America.

Join us on this journey toward a future filled with boundless connections. Discover the unrivaled power of Superior Essex and embrace a world where connectivity knows no limits.

Superior Essex Communications: Driving Buy America, Build America Compliance

90 Years of Unmatched Expertise , Cutting-Edge 5K Cabling Product, 9 Years in a Row Zero Waste to Landfill, 1st RedList Free Cabling Manufacturing, Proudly Manufactured in the USA: Hoisington, KS and Brownwood, TX, Sustainable Growth to Support Buy America, Build America Compliance: New Building at Brownwood Plant = 170 U.S. Manufacturing Jobs, Nationwide Broadband Buildouts = High-Speed Internet and 5G Service, Incorporating Green Building Practices

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