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Enterprise Green Building Solutions

Cabling sustainability tools to meet the needs of sustainable buildings

Behind the Walls, Not the Times

While they might not be the first thing you think of, Communication Cables can and do contribute to sustainable building projects. Communications cableis essential infrastructure in every modern building and despite being behind the wall, has critical impact on the sustainability attributes of a space. Superior Essex Communications is proud to have led the way in providing sustainable enterprise solutions for the green building needs of today and tomorrow.

Your Green Building ICT Partner

Having a manufacturer equipped with the right products, documentation, and personnel expertise is crucial for achieving green building project goals. We at Superior Essex Communications not only have the cables and sustainability resources you need, but we also have more than a decade of experience to ensure that your ICT infrastructure meets the impact and transparency demands of modern green building practices.

Carbon Data at the Ready

In addition to working towards our SBTi Net Zero Carbon goals, we've equipped our cables with granular carbon impact data. This innovative integration allows users to track the exact carbon impact resulting from the purchasing, usage, and lifecycle of our products. As businesses globally work towards meeting ambitious carbon reduction targets set by international agreements, local regulations, and consumer demand, Superior Essex Communications cable is ready to serve as a tool to track carbon impact at both the project and supply chain levels.

3rd Party Verified Transparency

At Superior Essex Communications, we prioritize ingredient transparency and responsible material sourcing. We meticulously scrutinize our supply chain, emphasizing sustainable and ethical resources. By actively seeking third-party verification, we validate our steadfast commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility, ensuring the integrity and sustainability of our products, fostering deep customer trust, and contributing to the development of a healthier, more responsible built environment.

Sustainable Intelligent Buildings

Power over Ethernet (PoE) and smart buildings usher in notable sustainability benefits. By optimizing energy usage, they significantly reduce carbon footprints. PoE minimizes electrical infrastructure cabling requirements and decreases resource consumption, all while leveraging real-time data for occupant optimization. Together, we can help you explore how to contribute to operational savings, enhance building functionality, and advance electrical infrastructure capabilities with Sustainable Intelligent Buildings.

Partners in a Wholistic Solution

The nCompass cable and connectivity solution by Superior Essex Communications and Legrandwas created to provideall of the resources essential for holistically meeting your sustainable building goals. Engineered with environmental responsibility and efficiency in mind, nCompass offers an innovative, high-performance end-to-end solution.

nCompass represents two companies combining decades of experience, offering unparalleled expertise, an expansive catalogue of green building resources, and exceptional service, ensuring optimal impact on every project.