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Building Security Requires Greater Data Delivery Distances


Building Security Requires Greater Data Delivery Distances

The safety of your office workers or building patrons is tantamount to building security and occupant well-being. Luckily, we have many devices for external surveillance to protect people and property. However, these devices pose network management issues.

Traditionally, data cables reach the 100-meter boundary and become unreliable, which doesn’t work for security surveillance. Superior Essex Communications created a cable to remedy this problem. PowerWise for Extended Distance carries power and data farther than 160 meters, providing an excellent vein for delivering power and data to far-flung devices on your network.

Security cameras

PowerWise for Extended Distance solution is perfect for security cameras. The cables deliver power to keep the camera on and transmit the data it needs to send video back to your command post at distances beyond 160 meters. With just one run of cable, you can operate a security camera at the edge of a parking lot on the cabling infrastructure as the other devices on your network. Because cameras have different requirements, you need a cabling channel that delivers the right amount of data to it. Superior Essex manufactures a 1 or 10 Gigabit PowerWise 4PPoE cable, matching the data requirements of your devices.

Emergency Call Boxes

Technology has allowed us to create safer campuses with remote emergency phones and blue-light call boxes. They allow pedestrians to contact security forces if they feel unsafe in non-surveilled areas of your ground. PoE cabling can connect these Voice-over-IP (VoIP) devices back to your network while providing the power they need to operate. The PowerWise powers VoIP devices far from a power source, without losing data transmission standards.

Total Control Over Your Security

Voice and video devices need both power and data to work. With cables specifically designed to meet your network’s demands and connectivity products that maintain performance, PoE solutions allow you to build a strong backbone for your smart building. This technology enables you to monitor your building’s security together with the rest of your operations. PowerWise cables from Superior Essex ensure your vast array of devices operate at peak performance to minimize energy waste and keep your building and people safe.