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Superior Essex Communications Unveils Latest MissionNext Report


Superior Essex Communications Unveils Latest MissionNext Report

ATLANTA, GA - June 12, 2024 - Superior Essex Communications, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of communications cable and accessory products, is excited to announce the release of the latest edition of its MissionNext report. This detailed report showcases the company's ongoing commitment to sustainability, innovation, and industry leadership.

Key Highlights of the MissionNext Report:

1. Sustainability Initiatives: Superior Essex Communications has made significant progress in reducing its environmental footprint and providing communications cables for a more sustainable built environment. The report outlines the company's achievements in minimizing waste, conserving energy, setting carbon targets, and advancing product transparency.

2. Customer Value: The MissionNext report emphasizes the company's dedication to delivering greater value to its customers. Through continuous innovation and an unwavering focus on quality, Superior Essex Communications has enhanced its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of the communications industry. The report details new products and solutions designed to improve performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency for customers.

3. Industry Progress: Superior Essex Communications continues to drive industry progress through thought leadership, collaboration, and advocacy. The MissionNext report highlights the company's involvement in key industry initiatives, partnerships, and standards development. By actively participating in industry forums and contributing to the advancement of technology and best practices, Superior Essex Communications is shaping the future of communications infrastructure.

"We are incredibly proud of the progress detailed in this year's MissionNext report," said Annie Bevan, Global Head of Sustainability at Superior Essex Communications. "Our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. This report reflects our dedication to creating a more sustainable future, delivering exceptional value to our customers, and leading the way in industry advancements."

Superior Essex Communications invites stakeholders, customers, and industry partners to explore the full MissionNext report to learn more about the company's achievements and future plans. Read the report →