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Superior Essex Is Pushing the Expectations for Alien Crosstalk Headroom


Superior Essex Is Pushing the Expectations for Alien Crosstalk Headroom

Category 6A technology has supercharged the carrying capabilities of the new generation of copper ethernet cables. They can handle yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s communications networks and are the best option for high-end projects to support high-performing networks.

However, Cat 6A is a noise-sensitive channel because it can transmit up to 500 megahertz of electrical frequency. At this frequency, the signal is more sensitive to the noise generated inside the cable by the other pairs or externally — called “alien crosstalk”. This will impact the performance of the cable and overall network.

Superior Essex Communications is pushing the expectations for alien crosstalk impact in its new Cat 6A XP+ cable. The manufacturer has engineered new protective features that protect the cable from external frequencies to reduce the impact on the transmission signal.

The Cat 6A XP+ cables have +15 decibel headroom, well above the industry standard. What is headroom? Anything that dampens the external signals above the industry standard for alien crosstalk prevention. This is vital to strong and enduring performance.

But how does Superior Essex protect its cables against alien crosstalk? Engineers designed a proprietary wrap to insulate the cable from external signals. However, signal interference can come from internal sources as well, especially in a copper cable.

Superior Essex has also found ways to reduce internal crosstalk to alleviate signal distortion. The cable design features a cross-web Separator to keep the individual pairs apart. The pairs themselves are twisted in different patterns, which keeps the electricity moving slightly differently through the cable.

To make these cables an even smarter choice for next-level building projects, they reduce a project’s impact on people and the planet. They come with third-party sustainability certifications — including Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Health Product Declarations (HPD) — and they are made in a Zero Waste to Landfill facility. These Cat 6A cables contribute to green building certifications, like LEED and WELL.

With innovative technologies and future networks requiring more bandwidth and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power, the number of cables needed to enable a communications system will only increase. Category 6A cables can meet those demands with strong signals, enhanced signal protection, and increased power capability. Superior Essex has bolstered its Category 6A cables to exceed the demands of not only today’s network but also the networks of the future.