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The Importance of Made-in-America Communication Cables


The Importance of Made-in-America Communication Cables in Closing the Digital Divide

The demand for high-speed digital services is escalating, resulting in the need to bridge the digital divide and provide reliable and affordable connectivity to all. This blog post explores the significance of communication cables in connecting rural areas faster and addressing this challenge.

In recent years, the industry has undertaken a journey to deploy advanced technologies to deliver enhanced connectivity services. However, it is crucial to recognize the role played by made-in-America communication cables in this endeavor. By focusing on domestically produced cables, we can ensure the quality of the infrastructure and support local economies.

One of the primary reasons we need made-in-America communication cables is their ability to provide reliable and consistent connectivity. As internet usage continues to rise, it is essential to have cables that can withstand the increasing data demands and ensure uninterrupted access to digital services. Using cables manufactured to the highest standards guarantees the durability and performance needed for seamless connectivity.

Additionally, made-in-America cables can effectively bridge the digital divide and improve connectivity in rural areas. Superior Essex Communications, a leading supplier of communications cable, is investing in its Brownwood, Texas plant to meet the growing demand for high-quality fiber optic cables. This $73 million expansion will create 170 new manufacturing jobs and support nationwide broadband buildouts, bringing all Americans high-speed internet and 5G service. The increased plant capacity will solidify Superior Essex Communications' market leadership in fiber, drop, and hybrid cables. The investment includes upgrading equipment, expanding the facility to over 500,000 square feet, and transitioning from copper to optical fiber cable manufacturing. The expansion will incorporate sustainable practices such as PoE lighting and solar and battery power sources. These superior cables will enable faster and more reliable internet access, opening limitless opportunities for education, healthcare, and economic growth in underserved communities.

Furthermore, relying on made-in-America communication cables supports local industries and economies. By choosing domestic manufacturers, we foster job creation and economic growth within our own communities. This not only strengthens the overall infrastructure but also contributes to the long-term sustainability of our digital networks.

In conclusion, the need for made-in-America communication cables is evident in today's digital era. They are vital in connecting rural areas faster, closing the digital divide, and ensuring reliable and affordable connectivity. By prioritizing using domestically produced cables, we improve the quality of our infrastructure and support local economies, ultimately leading to a more inclusive and connected society.

Superior Essex Communications proudly manufactures Made-in-America cables at the forefront of closing the digital divide. Their reliable and high-performance Premises and OSP cable products empower service providers to offer superior connectivity services to millions of people. Together, we can ensure that everyone has access to reliable and affordable connectivity, bridging the digital divide once and for all.