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Occupant Health & Wellbeing

Our Power-over-Ethernet cabling solutions link together all of a building’s network-enabled technologies into a single, seamless system. Using a digital building app accessed via a mobile device or wall-mounted screen, occupants can fine-tune almost every aspect of their environment to suit their needs, improving well-being, safety and productivity.


With networked intelligent lighting systems, occupants can make adjustments to lighting in order to improve mood and wellbeing, increase alertness and promote productivity. These systems closely approximate natural light by reducing glare and optimizing color quality, and they can be programmed to suit individual needs or task requirements as well.


Keeping air temperature at optimal levels supports occupant comfort and productivity – all while simultaneously improving energy efficiency and reducing costs. In a networked smart building, sensors placed throughout the built environment can detect when people enter a certain space and then alert the HVAC system to decrease or increase the temperature as required.


In an office, hotel or hospital setting, a digital building app allows building managers and occupants to personalize how their room environment works, looks and feels. items such as shower water temperature, window blind operation, alarm settings and audio/visual entertainment can all be controlled and adjusted from a single, integrated platform, thereby creating a more productive, pleasing environment.

Safety and Security

A networked smart building allows for advanced security features the provide intelligence and defense against comprehensive threats. Video surveillance technology can also be integrated into the digital building application, thus providing further security and peace of mind for occupants.

Earn Green Building Certification with Our Red List Free Cables

Superior Essex is the first and only communications cable manufacturer with certified Red List Free products. This means that our sustainable cables contain none of the 800 chemicals classed as most harmful to the environment and people by the International Living Future Institute.

As a result, our Red List Free and Declare Label products can contribute points toward your project earning numerous green building certifications such as LEED v4 and v4.1, WELL and Living Building Challenge.