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Sustainable Intelligent Buildings

Discover the future of living sustainably with transformative Sustainable Intelligent Buildings

Sustainable Intelligent Buildings

Welcome to the future of building architecture. Discover Sustainable Intelligent Buildings (SIB), where innovative and ecologically sound designs meet cutting-edge technology, transforming how we perceive living space.

What is a Sustainable Intelligent Building (SIB)?

Sustainable Intelligent Buildings (SIBs) are the future of building infrastructure. These technologically advanced structures are designed to use resources efficiently and boast features that significantly enhance operational efficiency. But what sets them apart is their minimal environmental impact.

Why Sustainable Intelligent Buildings (SIB)?

Enhanced Occupant Satisfaction

Occupants can experience advanced control and customization using connected technology, and Operations will be made easier with accessible centralized control and notification platforms

CAPEX & OPEX Cost Savings

By using fewer physical materials, utilizing less expensive labor, and reducing energy consumption, buildings can save money on both capital and operational costs

Reduced Environmental Impact

Using DC Power, we can eliminate the use of fossil fuels, and substantially reduce the operational and embodied carbon being used in the project

More Visible Space

Using intelligent distributed design gives the opportunity to generate more usable space by eliminating the need for IDFs and Electrical Closets

SIB Harnessing the Power of Power-over-Ethernet Technology!

Intelligent buildings leverage Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology to streamline and enhance functionality. PoE enables power and data transmission over a single Ethernet cable, simplifying infrastructure and reducing wiring needs. This integration facilitates the efficient deployment of IoT devices, sensors, and control systems that monitor and manage building operations like lighting, heating, and security. The reduced cabling and centralized power management contribute to energy efficiency, an essential aspect of intelligent building sustainability.

Sustainable Intelligent Buildings: Made Possible with PowerWise®

At Superior Essex, we are committed to providing cutting-edge technology and solutions to meet the modern world's ever-changing demands. As our society becomes increasingly digital, the need for efficient and sustainable cabling solutions has never been greater. That's why we are proud to introduce PowerWise®, our revolutionary line of power-over-Internet cables that leads the industry in innovation and sustainability.

Meet Our Sustainable Intelligent Building Partners

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