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Wireless Networks

Cutting-edge wireless technology connecting the world

Wireless Network

Wireless technology in the United States is advancing rapidly, offering cutting-edge solutions for seamless connectivity. With Wi-Fi providing wireless access for various internet services like DSL, satellite, and fiber optics, it revolutionizes homes, business installations, and telecommunications networks. Wireless networks such as cell phone networks, WLANs, and sensor networks are becoming more prevalent. The future of wireless in the United States promises unparalleled convenience, speed, and reliability, enabling a hyper-connected society across diverse communication networks.

5G Networks

As our world grows ever more wireless – and as true 5G network mesh coverage continually expands – the millions of nodes that support these communications will demand ever more cables to keep it powered and connected. And whether its a backhaul connection, Macro Cell site, DAS system, RF transmission, RRH application or an Active Antenna, it’s crucial that your network is designed with exceptional cable known for its quality and performance, allowing for enhanced coverage, capacity and reliability.

Long-Term Evolution

In the near future, 5G networks will become the preeminent wireless technology. But even once they're fully operational, they will still run in tandem with today’s advanced Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks, working together to provide the fastest connectivity, lowest latency and greatest reliability in a given geographical area. And our cables make it all possible.

In-Building Wireless

Acting as an extension of a wireless network (Wi-Fi), a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provides added coverage and capacity within a geographic area or structure. And whether your network needs an active, passive or hybrid DAS, we’ve got the cables to create all-encompassing wireless coverage throughout your entire in-building infrastructure.

Small Cell Sites - Outdoor

Acting as a viable way to more efficiently optimize available network coverage, small cell sites offer a less intrusive infrastructure while expanding capacity in densely populated areas. And with a wide range of sizes, configurations and rugged designs, we have all the cable you need to complete your small cell installation from the bottom up.

Wireless Internet Service Providers

We partner with some of the most renowned wireless internet service providers in the world, bringing connectivity where its needed most. And to help building owners and wireless carriers provide uninterrupted coverage both indoors and out, we’ve manufactured families of cable solutions specifically designed to connect and power their network devices.