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Your Partner in Sustainable Broadband

Driving sustainability impact throughout value chains


At Superior Essex Communications, we are deeply committed to creating a sustainable future and have set ambitious SBTi carbon targets. Our objective is not only to significantly lessen our own environmental impact but also to empower our customers in achieving their carbon reduction targets. By investing in innovative, eco-friendly solutions and adopting sustainable practices, we are taking an active approach to mitigate climate change and contribute to a healthier, more connected planet. Our commitment to sustainability is integral to our mission and reflects our dedication to being an industry leader in environmental stewardship.

A Commitment to More Sustainable Connectivity

Superior Essex Communications is a trailblazer in sustainability, having invested years honing the impacts of our logistics, product use, and material extraction processes of our broadband products. Our extensive tenure has empowered us to integrate eco-conscious practices throughout our product life cycle—from sourcing raw materials to managing end-of-life disposal. This deep-seated commitment to the environment shines through in our cutting-edge broadband solutions, which not only adhere to but surpass environmental regulations. In doing so, we significantly lower our carbon footprint, conserve vital natural resources, and ensure unparalleled performance.

Beyond the Supplier Charter

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct, aligning our operations and practices with globally recognized development programs such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Our commitment to Responsible Sourcing of Minerals ensures our supply chain adheres to environmental and ethical standards. We promote Supplier Diversity to foster an inclusive business environment, and our Community Investment initiatives through our MissionNext program align with the UNSDGs, focusing on sustainable development and positive social impact. Furthermore, our dedication to Ethical Labor and stringent Health and Safety protocols reflect our commitment to the well-being and fairness of our employees, partners, and communities we serve.

Broadband Equity + Accessibility

Access to high-speed internet has become more essential than ever, whether for education, remote work, or staying connected with loved ones. We understand the significance of a robust network infrastructure in ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for the millions of Americans still without broadband access.

Superior Essex Communications is proud to support government initiatives to expand high speed internet accessibility. Learn more about the resources we have to help you participate in federal and state funding opportunities.