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Zero Carbon Program

We’ve been a sustainable manufacturer for over a decade, and now we’re enabling our customers to become our partners in sustainability by supporting their carbon neutrality goals.

You've Got Zero Carbon Building Project Goals We've Got Zero Carbon Cables

As North America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of communications cable, we have made incredible strides over the past decade to become more sustainable – both in process and product.

Today, we proudly manufacture and offer over 55 product families of sustainable cabling solutions, all while reducing our Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions by 32% since 2011 at our manufacturing plant.

And now we want to pass along the benefits of our carbon reductions to you – all at no cost to you!

How It Works

Simply specify and purchase any of our sustainable cables for your building project*, and our Zero Carbon Program will secure Green-e certified carbon offsets to offset 150% of the carbon footprint of our sustainable cables!

Translation: Our sustainable cables – which already feature the lowest amount of embodied carbon on the market, as demonstrated by EC3 – are now better than carbon neutral. That’s because we’re now offsetting all of their carbon – and then some – which allows our cables to also offset other products’ carbon impacts on your building projects!

As a result, our Zero Carbon Program makes it easier than ever for architects, designers, materials managers and building owners to create building projects that achieve the carbon neutrality and zero carbon certifications like ILFI’s Living Building Challenge and Zero Carbon certifications, CaGBC’s Zero Carbon certification and/or LEED Zero programs.

CertifiedCanada Green Building CouncilLiving Building ChallengematerialsCAN

Ready to Offset TONS of Carbon?

If you’d like to participate in our Zero Carbon Program, simply click the links below to learn more and get signed up today.

We look forward to becoming your partner in sustainability as we work together to design, build and connect a healthier planet for us all.

*For qualified projects