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Broadband Networks

Powering the Evolution of 5G and Broadband

Cutting-Edge Broadband Solutions Empowering Connectivity

Superior Essex's Communications Broadband Solutions revolutionizes internet connectivity with state-of-the-art cable products, empowering a connected future for all.

Our industry-leading solutions drive domestic growth, aligning with the Build America and Buy America initiatives.

Connecting Rural America

With its transformative capabilities, broadband networks have emerged as a paramount solution to bridging America's digital divide. These powerful networks, encompassing technologies like DSL, cable modem, fiber, wireless, satellite, and Broadband over powerlines, offer widespread access, empowering users and governments alike. By enabling fast and accessible connectivity, broadband networks have revolutionized communication, information retrieval, and technological operations.

Connecting Communities — Growing Business

Broadband connectivity plays a pivotal role in the growth of both large cities and small towns across America. It has become crucial for connecting communities and driving business expansion in today's interconnected world. By providing access to education and healthcare and enabling remote work, broadband ensures the survival and prosperity of every community. High-quality and low-latency broadband presents unprecedented opportunities to connect communities, fuel business growth, and foster economic development in both urban and rural areas of America.

OSP Cables Defines the Future of Network Infrastructure

Superior Essex's Outside Plant (OSP) Fiber products exemplify market leadership, offering lightning-fast internet speeds and the ability to transmit large data volumes. Trusted by global telecommunications service providers, installers, and integrators, our OSP Fiber technology meets the high bandwidth demands of environments where people live and work, making us the preferred choice for expanding fiber networks.

Broadband and Sustainability

Superior Essex Communications is at the forefront of sustainable innovation, offering unique solutions for broadband customers aiming to achieve their environmental objectives. We specialize in creating products that not only meet the highest industry standards but also contribute towards more environmentally sustainable infrastructure. With a focus on reducing carbon footprint and enhancing energy efficiency, Superior Essex Communications is an ideal partner for those with ambitious sustainability goals.