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Enterprise Networks

Superior Essex Communications leads the industry by providing exceptional premises cables for all enterprise cabling solutions. These cables are designed to establish robust connectivity and support a wide range of network devices and equipment, including computers, IP phones, security cameras, Wi-Fi access points, and PoE-enabled networked (IoT) devices. Stay ahead with our innovative infrastructure solutions.

BABA for Enterprise

At Superior Essex Communications, we craft high-quality in-building premises cables for seamless integration with numerous network devices. Proudly manufactured in the USA, our cables strictly comply with the Build America, Buy America Act (BABA), assuring you of unmatched quality, superior performance, and maximum safety in tandem with industry standards. Choosing our BABA-certified cables lays the groundwork for a fluid data transfer system and an efficient digital infrastructure. We deliver advanced cabling solutionsideal for commercial buildings, large stadium venues, hospitality, healthcare, and educational facilities. Our in-building premises cables are tailored to meet these sectors' demanding data and rapid communication needs, including data, voice, and audiovisual. Be part of our journey towards a more efficient, dependable, regulatory-compliant digital realm.

Commercial Offices

Superior Essex Communications offers unrivaled cabling solutions for commercial buildings, catering to the demands of businesses that seek the finest data and lightning-fast communications. With our innovative and exceptional premises cables, we guarantee robust connectivity and unparalleled performance for computers, IP phones, and various devices. Our flexible, scalable, and aesthetically pleasing in-building premises cables serve as the foundation for all your data, voice, and audiovisual needs, ensuring reliable and swift communications throughout your commercial office.

Sustainable Intelligent Buildings

Digital buildings are the way of the future, creating smart environments that not only house our lives but also enhance them. And whether its new construction, a retrofit or a tenant finish-out, we’ve got every kind of cable you’ll need for all your building’s capabilities – from A/V and networking to digital signage, lighting, security and so much more.


Humans today are living longer than ever, and as our medical technology advances to keep pace with treatment demands, so must our healthcare facilities. So whether you’re constructing, upgrading or running a hospital, an assisted-living facility or a medical office building, let our cables help you keep your patients as top priority.

Large Venues

Stadiums, arenas and entertainment venues are challenged with supporting increasingly high volumes of data traffic during game-days and events. To help venue owners and managers meet their growing network demands, we offer numerous cabling solutions with reliable, industry-leading electrical performance across multiple frequency bands to ensure that your network operates at maximum capacity.


Technology is rapidly changing the world around us, and for students to continue learning at a similar stride, they need campuses that are infused with the same technology. Keep your K-12 school, college campus and housing and higher education research facilities ahead of the times with the cables that connect and power the future technologies that your students need to succeed.


More than just a place to rest for the night, modern hotels, resorts and casinos have infused their facilities with smart technologies to enhance the guest experience. And the best way to create a memorable, hassle-free, future-proof hospitality experience is to interconnect it all with the best cable in the industry.

Data Centers

In recent years, data center servers and storage devices have had to increase speed, through-put and storage capacity at exponential rates to meet the growing demands on the communications industry. Whether it’s for enterprise, micro, multi-tenant, cloud service provider or colocation applications, the highest level of data transmission performance and reliability is critical to creating high-density solutions that can support this ever-changing technology.

Our cables play a crucial role in this growth, not only in their capacity to carry incredible amounts of information while limiting attenuation, but also in their small, unobtrusive size, allowing for very dense cabling infrastructures.

If all else is equal, why not choose sustainable?