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Enterprise Networks

Infrastructure and Systems that connect various devices and equipment

Explore Enterprise Cabling Solutions: Redefine Connectivity, Integrate Seamlessly!

Superior Essex Communications leads the industry by providing exceptional premises cables for all enterprise cabling solutions. These cables are designed to establish robust connectivity and support a wide range of network devices and equipment, including computers, IP phones, security cameras, Wi-Fi access points, and PoE-enabled networked (IoT) devices. Stay ahead with our innovative infrastructure solutions.

BABA-Certified Cabling Solutions

Meet the future of in-building digital infrastructure with Superior Essex Communications. Experience unmatched quality, safety, and performance with our BABA-certified premises cables. Perfect for commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and education sectors. Ready for efficient data transfer? Explore our cable solutions today!

Sustainable Intelligent Buildings

Digital buildings are the way of the future, creating smart environments that house our lives and enhance them. Whether it's new construction, a retrofit, or a tenant finish-out, we’ve got every kind of cable you’ll need for all your building’s capabilities—from A/V and networking to digital signage, lighting, security, and so much more.

Commercial Offices

Experience the future of seamless connectivity with Superior Essex Communications. Our state-of-the-art cabling solutions deliver swift, stable communication, catering to your business's advanced needs and maximizing your network. Embrace higher performance and superior aesthetics.

Data Centers

Step into an ecosystem of incredible data speed and massive storage capacity. Delve into unmatched performance and dependability through our compact yet robust application solutions. Witness our cables fueling the technological revolution.


As we live longer, our healthcare facilities must keep pace. From newly built hospitals to upgraded care homes, our high-performance cables play a vital role. Ensure top-quality care for your patients—explore our range of healthcare solutions now!


Step into a new era of learning. With cutting-edge technology, elevate your K-12 school, college campus, or higher education research facility. Give your students the tools to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Connect to the future today.


Integrate your hospitality infrastructure with top-tier cables to immerse your guests in a different world, ensuring a seamless, future-ready experience. Discover how our cutting-edge solutions can revolutionize your establishment. Explore possibilities now!

Large Venues

Our comprehensive cabling solutions enhance the data traffic handling capabilities of stadiums, arenas and entertainment venues. Experience superior device performance across multiple frequency bands for seamless operations. Connect now for a network that never fails!

Systems and Security

Experience the future of commercial building security with our innovative IP solutions. Discover unparalleled connectivity, cost-effectiveness, and customization designed to face tomorrow's challenges confidently.

Manufacturing Plant

Transform your plant's operations with our top-tier fiber and copper cables, engineered for maximum efficiency and safety. Dive into unmatched production speeds.